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The Chalkboard - The place to say what's on your mind.

The many scribblings of those who had something to say.

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Anybody , Moderated
Welcome to The Chalkboard.

This community is for the purpose of allowing anyone and everyone to say whatever is on their mind.

You can post an event, share news, wish people well, whatever you choose. Feel free to leave your mark of The Chalkboard.

There are a few simple guidelines to this community that I ask.

..please put a title to your entry.

..please be reasonable in your entry. Filling a post with one word repeated over and over or any sort of inflamed entries directed at another user will not be tolerated. Just use common sense, and do enjoy yourself.

..no pictures to be visible "outside" of a LJ 'cut' tag. Seriously. Pictures *are* okay if they are posted under a 'cut' tag but the only thing otherwise visible will be text, and text only. If you know how to remote-link a picture then you're just as capable of putting your picture under a 'cut' tag. You may find instructions to do an LJ 'cut' tag on the page at this link. If you put your pictures/posters/drawings/etc behind the tag, this will be okay.

..enjoy yourself

..be respectful of others in your posts on this community.

As simple and as broad as these guidline are I do not imagine there will be any posts deleted but if there have to be any posts deleted it will be done quietly.

So go get you some chalk, and start scribbling.